Day 28 1:30 pm – Hair…A valid excuse NOT to exercise

I hate where this is going to take me…
Unlike Chris Rock’s recent exploration of the Black hair care industry, this entry is meant only to explore a recurring dilemma for me: How to incorporate exercise into my life without ruining my hairstyle.
For those of you who don’t have a clue about what this refers to, I’m sorry. I’m not going to explain it. Explaining the hair issue to those not of my color nor gender, is annoying to me. Soooo you’re welcome to read on at your own risk.
I have not exercised in two days because I just got my hair done yesterday. When leaving my stylist, I said “Let me go home and workout.” She replied “Why didn’t you do that before you came here?” She’s was right! What the hell was I thinking??
The last time I was faced with this problem, I shaved off all my hair. I have no desire to do that right now. I love my current style, so now I have to come up with an exercise routine that takes into account my hair appointments as well as upcoming events (where the cut obviously matters dahling!).
How ridiculous, but nonetheless a completely valid excuse NOT to exercise.

P.S. -No I don’t want braids, or a weave…Thanks in advance for those suggestions.