Chai Latte Smoothie

My ancestors would prefer we had cheese grits, scrapple and scrambled eggs every morning…I promise to make that real soon for you folks but for now a sistah has GOT to at least start her morning off right. Right?  Who knows what sins lunch and dinner will hold.

Are y’all tired of smoothie recipes yet?? They’re everywhere!! But I guarantee you’ve never seen this one…

Basic Smoothie Base

All of my smoothies will have the same base before I add the variety:

Spinach and/or kale
Almond milk – organic unsweetened (plain or vanilla)
Bananas – if I’m totally out or if my bananas aren’t ripe enough, I will use an avocado.

Now the add-ons depend on my mood or what I need nutritionally that day.

  • Was I drinking the night before? Detox and rejuvenate with cucumbers and blueberries or acai.
  • Was I a really bad girl and had a ton of carbs I need to flush out? Fiber it up with flax seeds.

You get the drift. But what if I’m in the mood for something that tastes a little decadent because I was such a good girl the night before and didn’t touch the Talenti gelato (Haagen Dazs?  Who are they?) that was calling my name from my freezer. That’s when I opt for my favorite smoothie add-on; chai spiced peanut butter.

OK disclaimer time. My very good friend (and play play husband) Joseph Riley Land of RileyLand GourmetPantry (which I sometimes call Riley PantryLand) sells the most amazing chai spiced peanut butter. I’ve hyperlinked the mess out of it already so go check it out.

It’s the only peanut butter I can eat right off the spoon and the ingredients are all natural and whole but what really makes this a great add-on is that it transforms any smoothie into a chai latte. And peanuts are good for you too!  All the peanut ads say so right??

One (or two) dollops will do ya.  Try it. You will not be sorry.

Love, Peace and Bacon (pork, beef, turkey or soy) Grease

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