Day 202 – Emotional Setbacks

This specific entry is in the form of personal journaling. Please read it with that in mind…

Spoke to Hank on Sunday, he remarked that I was behind on my blog posts and silly absent-minded me had to actually ask him for the date of my last post…”June 17th,” he replied. Wow, I couldn’t believe it. What could have happened that would have distracted me from posting to my most favorite blog? Oh I remember! I got fired on June 24th; that’s what happened…
So yeah I got canned, and while I will try to refrain from getting lost in the details, what I can say is that I have been dealing with the situation in a positive way on the outside but possibly internalizing negative emotions at the same time. The manifestation of these repressed emotions come in the form of eating; eating food that I know good and well, is bad for me.
So now that I have an awareness of this emotion, this feeling, this impact, how do I make an adjustment? Well, I’ve taken the first step and that is where awareness comes in. It’s almost like when they say to alcoholics “The first step towards recovery, is admitting you have a problem.” or something like that…
So now, I gotta check myself…before I wreck myself (I’m ole skool). For those who are wondering about what my plans are for the future may be, my answer will be something along the line of “I am open to what the universe has to offer.”
I can speak more tangibly however about my future eating plans. I will forgive my recent transgressions and not feel guilty about the past few weeks. I’ve also learned a lot about my role as a “clean eating role model”, a job I’m apprehensive about but willing to undertake, but I refuse to bear some heavy load of responsibility to the people that read this blog (or don’t for that matter). It is not, quite frankly, the purpose of my wellness mission. I would like for those folks to please allow me to inspire them without the purpose of impressing them. This will make me happy.

5 thoughts on “Day 202 – Emotional Setbacks

  1. As you might realise (or not?) I have been following your blog and enjoying your insights and opinions on healthy eating from over the pond. Being your colleague I found out that you left (or were left) and have checked online for your news, getting a bit worried when you stopped blogging for weeks. But I thought I'll better not probe and let you recover. It is good you are back and staying positive! With all the best wishes, Marika

  2. Keep on, keepin' on Kateria (I'm old school too! LOL). We all have those setbacks…how we deal with them is what makes us grow. I'm chucking some love and positive vibes your way.

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