Day 258 – F^$*% the Hair. Time to Exercise

In a previous post, I wrote about how much more my hair mattered to me than exercise did. As usual, I’ve finally come back to reality and started moving my “bod” in a way that actually produces sweat. If there’s only one single thing you’ll learn about me in these posts, it’s that I absolutely hate the gym. I don’t really mind classes, and some of the machines. I just really hate the commitment part. I’m a bona fide flake which means that I can’t commit to anything that requires repetition. I’m “membership-phobic”.
My solution for this was to find indoor activities where I could go anytime I wanted without having to commit to a damn thing.
First I chose spin classes at 3sixty cycling studio in my lovely town of Montclair, NJ. This place is co-owned by make-up artist Bobby Brown by the way (not that it matters. just an interesting side-bar). The first class was free, lasted 45 minutes, and I liked it a lot. I was sweating like crazy! There was only one little, itsy, bitsy problem. The seats hurt like HELL. OH…MY…GOD!!! I even brought an extra cushion with me and even though it was over two weeks ago, my butt cheeks still clench in fear at the thought of going back to that place…
I’m not going to give up though. I’m currently researching padded biking shorts…
Second on the line up…hot (Bikram) yoga at Be Evolution Hot Yoga; again in my lovely town. Now people! Let me tell you something…I researched this shit down to the bone. Even got feedback from my Facebook friends. I was scared to death of going because I could not even imagine what it would be like to do yoga in a hot-as-hell ass room (over 100 degrees) for 90 whole minutes. Regular yoga is challenging enough (I know this from my past life as a yogi of course), but this shit right here??? Kicked my ass! And the craziest thing of all?? I LOVED IT! I wanted to run (make that crawl) screaming from the room after 30 minutes, but when it was all over, and I walked (make that staggered) out into the 80 degree corridor, you couldn’t tell me I wasn’t Kwai Chang Caine (RIP David Carradine)!!! I felt cool. I felt…high. And I’ll take a legal get-high any chance I can get. I’ve been back again and this time better equipped; lighter clothing, and a change of clothing because when you’re done, you are absolutely soaking wet. There are folks in the class with no shame in their game and now I know why. I highly recommend hot yoga but warning…it is no joke!
So what about my hair? Let’s just say, I try not to look at my reflection from the hair line up when passing store windows, but the view below is much better. My stylist is gonna hook it up tomorrow and even though I’m going to ruin it again in a few days when I hit my hot yoga class, I’m ok with that. I’m making sweat my ally instead of my enemy.

3 thoughts on “Day 258 – F^$*% the Hair. Time to Exercise

  1. good for you! I have the same problem as you on stationery bikes, never again! as for bikram i loved it as well– it's really and it's no lie, you get really flexible from all the heat. I felt like a yogi after few classes. plus, normally, i hate heat so it was interesting i loved bikram yoga so much. wonder if there is one close by here…keep it up and keep blogging– it's inspiring!

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