Day 134 Women Food God – Is it Fear?

So this Oprah show everyone is talking about…came on Wednesday. First 15 minutes…I wasn’t buying it.
I really couldn’t understand what the hell O and this woman Geneen Roth were talking about. I was in immediate denial. My guard was up. I was set in my mind that I had found a new way to eat, and that I wasn’t officially dieting so I didn’t really need this advice because I wasn’t a binge eater or food addict (I’m a food lover remember?). But then O said something that made my ears perk up. She told the story of how she was upset by something and went to food to console herself but it wasn’t cake or cookies or chips or lasagna she reached for…she reached for lettuce!
Now it was finally my turn to have an “AHA” moment.

The mere existence of this food/diet blog is proof that I have a strong relationship with food. I think about it ALL of the time; every waking moment (funny, I can’t recall dreaming about food). I have said on occasion, that I am obsessed with food, but just because I’m changing what I eat, doesn’t mean that I don’t run to food when something in me needs to be fulfilled…thus the AHA!!!
I have been holding back on posting about portion control because quite frankly,I don’t have it “under control”. Doesn’t matter what you eat people, more in and less out still makes the scale say “yeah…and?”. And this my peeps is the thing, the door, the whatever that needs to be explored; my dependence on food for some deep seeded reason.
My first instinct is to be afraid of what I’ll uncover, but to also quickly jump the gun and self-diagnose the “thing” to be fear. Maybe it is, but here’s what I’m going to do. I’m actually going to follow along with this book/program (damn them for not being on the Kindle!!!) for two months and see what happens.
I’m scared, but I will keep you posted.
P.S. – still staying whole, natural, and minimally processed…just in case you were wondering.

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