Day 118 – Great News from my Doctor!!!!

When folks challenge me about my new “weird” eating habits and roll their eyes when they think I’m not looking, I always felt that I would be vindicated one day. Today is that day.
When I look at my scale with scorn because I truly believe it’s lying to me most of the time, I always try and remember that there is a higher purpose to my mission besides saying goodbye forever to the pounds that refuse to leave me without a fight. Today, that mission was reinforced.
At the end of December, I visited my regular (and fabulous) primary care physician, Dr. Susan Minkowitz. I’ve been seeing Dr. Minkowitz for a long time now and even though her office was in the heart of Chinatown, I would make the trek because she is the genuine article; warm, knowledgeable and…hilarious! Her favorite line when I’m not feeling well is “I’m gonna fix ya!” and she does!!
So at the very end of last year, I knew I had to do something to once and for all get my health to a point where I didn’t have to rely on high-blood pressure medication anymore. I’ve known the solution for years. I had to eat right and get rid of the weight. Hypertension, cancer and diabetes run rampant up and down my family tree and I’ve seen lots of relatives die from these diseases way too early and I am not prepared to add my name to the list.
My blood work is typically…EH, so-so, ok, not bad, but never really great. I’ll be 43 soon and those “EH, so-so, ok, not bad, numbers ain’t cute because as some of you know, it’s harder to combat ailments and illnesses as we get older. I needed to make a change (did you hear Michael Jackson just now too?).
Immediately on January 1st (always a good day to start over), I began to eat natural, whole, minimally processed foods exclusively (on excellent days). Education is key. I made a few mistakes here and there. I didn’t know if certain ingredients on packages where ok and I still struggle with understanding the impact of certain food items on my health but for the most part, I have made a full transition.
Today is Day 118; four months in deep. I feel good physically and mentally and most importantly…I don’t feel deprived. On Friday, I went back to see Dr. Minkowitz who has now moved to Chelsea and she ran the standard blood tests again. She just called me back with the results. I want to share my numbers with you:

Glucose (aka “sugah”)*: was 91, now 79
Cholesterol**: was 207 (borderline/high risk), now 173 (desirable/low risk)
Vitamin D***: was 8 (crazy deficient), now 28 (yay I’m normal now!)
Weight: hahahahahahaaaaa. There is no way I’m revealing that, BUT I am pleased to report that there was a loss of 10 pounds.
Blood Pressure: GREAT!! Still on meds, but the number is the best it’s been in a long time even on meds.

I’m asking …no begging, my friends and family out there to please, please, please go see your doctor. Some of the most serious diseases are silent killers. Take care of your health. Stop eating hydrogenated fats and EAT MORE FIBER. I said “EAT”, not “take fiber pills or supplements”.

My favorite high fiber foods are:
Beans, especially lentils
Leafy greens of any kind
Whole grains (not to be confused with multigrains)

My favorite sweeteners are:
Raw honey
Agave nectar
Pure liquid stevia
Succanat (an extremely pure form of raw sugar), not Sugar in the Raw

For information on what our numbers should be, please check out these resources below.
* –
** –
*** –

P.S. – Read my previous post about the foods I refuse to give up. I am pretty much still stubborn about my hunnies (that’s what I call the food I love).

4 thoughts on “Day 118 – Great News from my Doctor!!!!

  1. Hey Emily, multigrain bread products can still have white flour in them. I stay away from white flour. Even whole grain food items can be tricky because most of them include sugar and/or high fructose corn syrup. I stick with completely whole grain foods. thanks and good luck!

  2. i salute your for taking this very real and positive step to improve your life. It's epowering for me to see you decide to live a more healthy life. If you need me, I'm here. more power to you!!!

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