Since January 1 (the day I went naked), I have become “that friend”; the one on a special diet. Most of my peeps are on board thankfully, but hangin’ out for dinner has become more of a chore for them than me. A dinner invitation is usually followed by the comment “Oh but what can you eat?” I try to explain that I can find something to eat almost anywhere although I prefer to eat somewhere where the food isn’t so bad for us. This is purely me sticking to my laurels and supporting businesses that pay attention to the wholesomeness of food versus those that have cans stacked up in their kitchens.
This week a friend and I went to Gustorganics and I…AM…IN…LOVE!!!…(with the food of course)
I’ve been to several organic restaurants and this is by far THE BEST so far. Not only is absolutely everything organic including the bar, but they also use alternative ingredients like agave nectar and whole wheat flour in their preparations. The food was absolutely incredible and my mouth is watering now just thinking about what I had to eat.
The service was impeccable for a restaurant so laid back yet sophisticated in its offerings.
If you haven’t been yet…GO NOW!!

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