Day 57 – There are ALWAYS alternatives…really

My youngest teen offered to boil some eggs for me this morning. It’s probably my favorite protein right now due to the fact that I have lost some of my desire to eat meat most days. I may have mentioned in an earlier post that my youngest also decided to change her eating habits and has adopted the life of a pescetarian. So this boiled egg ritual has become what we bond over for some strange reason (in addition to roasted veggies).

I declined her offer this morning because I was in the process of finishing off a peanut butter and jelly sandwich…yep that’s right a good ole fashioned PB&J sammich! For some of you familiar with the food path/journey I’m taking, a red flag may register because typically, the traditional version of this all-time favorite classic is usually laden with ingredients that include unnecessary amounts of sugar, salt, preservatives and of course, flour, but here is my natural, wholesome, minimally processed version:

Peanut Butter – Freshly ground unsalted peanuts
Whole Foods 365 Apricot Spread

2 slices of toasted Ezekiel Bread (pictured above)

Very simple, very good-for-you and believe it or not, very delicious.

And speaking of delicious…I must make a confession. My palate has changed quite a bit and I realize that what is delicious to me now, is no longer delicious to the fans of my former food preparation practices and vices. I’ll take time to address this at a later date as I ponder on it a bit more.

8 thoughts on “Day 57 – There are ALWAYS alternatives…really

  1. Hey Dom! I will certainly do that! This week I will be experimenting with some baking maybe…I have a trip to Holland which may or may not be challenging. Either way, I will write about it…

  2. Yeah Dom aka OJ. I know but I'm really trying to avoid shit with sauces and their hidden flours and sugars. Bad enough I will probably gorge myself on cheese; which I will certainly convince myself is all natural..
    Everything tastes so darn good over there. I will be bringing some things with me though…

  3. Hmm.. LOVE ezekiel bread. With tahini and raw honey.. try it!!
    Who wants the crappy white flour crap after having tasted this?! They have pasta, tortillas and granola too, did you know that?

  4. Hey Diana! The ezekiel bread is OK, but no comparison to real bread…sorry, BUT when I'm in the mood for bread, it's a good alternative. But that brogga (rye) bread from Holland is to die for!

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