Day 55 – The MSG Conspiracy Fully Exposed

Disclaimer – I am not a scientist. I am however a pissed-off blogger.

Warning!- This post contains information that will either make you mad at the food industry OR mad at me for telling you the real deal. I prefer the former.

I remember being told when I was a kid, a very very long long time ago, that MSG was BAD. It was all over the news and the folks who made Accent were ripped to shreds and “branded” as the big bad wolf. We, the so-called educated consumers started yelling “YO! NO MSG Aight!!” over the counter at the corner Chinese spot and were ecstatic to see the higher end Chinese joint menus, tout the fact that they didn’t use MSG.
Eventually we became a little lackadaisical and just assumed MSG disappeared off the face of the earth. We couldn’t have been more wrong. Unfortunately, when I run around screaming “there’s crap in everything we eat!”, I couldn’t be more disappointingly right.
The final frontier of my food selection challenges has been to really and truly decipher food labels. I have totally abandoned the more standardized nutritional information stats in lieu of the more important information…the freakin’ ingredients! Common sense tells me, that it doesn’t matter what the caloric, fat, fiber, et al grams list entails, if the ingredients list is 25+ items long for something as simple as tomato sauce.
I digress…back to the MSG conspiracy…
MSG is still around, but it’s being dished out to us under the radar, in the form of ingredients that you would never in your life believe are remotely associated with it.
I’m not going to take up space here in my blog to hash over the extremely long list of aliases for MSG. Instead, I direct you to an extremely comprehensive website dedicated to the truth about MSG.
As a teaser, here is a short list of familiar products that contain MSG. Continue to indulge at your own risk…
Lawry’s Seasoned Salt
Goya Sazon
Any type of sausage product
Soy Sauce
Lipton Onion Soup mix
Low Fat or Non-fat Milk (COME ON!!!! Are you kidding me??)
Any food with the term “Natural Flavors”

So basically the reality is that you should avoid leaving your house and if you absolutely must venture out, pack your bags with something you made yourself…GEESH! Oh yeah and don’t eat at anyone else’s house unless they’re well versed on the MSG conspiracy..ok?

5 thoughts on “Day 55 – The MSG Conspiracy Fully Exposed

  1. Yeah, I'm always on the lookout for it and it is in many of the foods that I love. When I saw it was in my Key Lime Tostitos! I lost it. I have a really bad allergic reaction to it like a drug induced stupor chile, it ain't no joke!

  2. Have you ever read Fast Food Nation? It will change your perspective of “natural flavors” forever. No such thing… its code for chemicals.- Jen Z.

  3. Jen, I haven't read the book, but I did see the movie. It literally changed my life. I may read the book, but I am so irate right now, I'll have to do it when I'm a bit calmer…
    Thanks for reading!

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