Day 28 1:30 pm – Hair…A valid excuse NOT to exercise

I hate where this is going to take me…
Unlike Chris Rock’s recent exploration of the Black hair care industry, this entry is meant only to explore a recurring dilemma for me: How to incorporate exercise into my life without ruining my hairstyle.
For those of you who don’t have a clue about what this refers to, I’m sorry. I’m not going to explain it. Explaining the hair issue to those not of my color nor gender, is annoying to me. Soooo you’re welcome to read on at your own risk.
I have not exercised in two days because I just got my hair done yesterday. When leaving my stylist, I said “Let me go home and workout.” She replied “Why didn’t you do that before you came here?” She’s was right! What the hell was I thinking??
The last time I was faced with this problem, I shaved off all my hair. I have no desire to do that right now. I love my current style, so now I have to come up with an exercise routine that takes into account my hair appointments as well as upcoming events (where the cut obviously matters dahling!).
How ridiculous, but nonetheless a completely valid excuse NOT to exercise.

P.S. -No I don’t want braids, or a weave…Thanks in advance for those suggestions.

6 thoughts on “Day 28 1:30 pm – Hair…A valid excuse NOT to exercise

  1. No need to give up the “do ” for the sake of keeping fit. All it takes is scheduling and skill. The day after your salon visit is considered a non-workout day. The second day should be a no cardio day either yoga or resistance training. After that fall into your regular routine.

    Wrapping the hair is another trick. Wrap the sides not the top. You can also wear a terrycloth band if you're a “sweat-er”.
    Lastly, your styling skills will need to be fine tuned. Be one with your flat iron (lo temp.) and blow or hood dryer. Protect the locks with a thermal protectant, always.
    “It's tough being a DIVA but somebodys gotta do it “

  2. Now you know I don't have no advice on hair care. But i dig yours so whatever you do don't un-do it lol
    I need to exercise too. Right now it's limited to weekly basketball and walking to the coonvenience store to get a bento lunch box for dinner lol
    Wow, you got a blog. Thanks for dropping by mine and I'll surely check in on yours regularly and put you up on my fave list for all two of my readers to link to (if you don't mind the heavy exposure, let me know)
    Love baye AKA Loco
    PS what you got against WordPress? They wronged you?

  3. I completely sympathize! Although I am not “your color”.. I also have the hair issue when working out.. any hint of moisture makes my impeccablly straightened Latina 'Do begin to writhe and wriggle into the curly mess onced tamed by 40 mins of pulling, yanking and heating into submission. Please update us on what works for you!

  4. I think hair is a totally legitimate excuse. My hair only looks good when the hairdresser sprinkles magic shiny dust on it. I have to avoid the shower, the elements, or rolling around too much while sleeping in order to try to make it last — and even that doesn't work for more than a day or two.

    I may invent some kind of a hair helmet.

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