Day 17 – Creeping Pounds

I sometimes find myself watching these shows with titles like “The Fattest Man Alive” or “The 1,000 pound Woman” on Discovery Health, TLC or the like. I think like most viewers, I watch transfixed and mesmerized thinking to myself, “How did they let themselves get like this?”
It’s a valid question. These folks were walking at one point and bed-ridden the next. When was the tipping point for them?
Instead of judging them, I began to relate…because it has happened to me…on several occasions, but on a smaller degree of course.
Pounds creep. I experienced my first major weight-loss breakthrough in 1990-91. My mother had been diagnosed with terminal pancreatic and liver cancer. Ironically I didn’t lose the weight because of stress. In fact I am a bona fide stress eater, but my sister and I had started an amazing program where we ate healthy food and exercised at home daily. The pounds creeped off little by little and I was in control of my health as opposed the lack of control I felt I had over my mother’s deteriorating health. After Mommy died, the pounds started to creep back on again little by little; this time in the opposite direction.
So…two kids later, the yo-yo of pounds in one direction or the other continued to bounce. At my heaviest moments, I always wondered “How did I let myself get like this?” What’s funny though, is that I never asked myself that question while trying to lose the weight. But I’m asking myself the question now.
When I see the pounds slowly (excruciatingly slow) creeping away, I try and remember that I didn’t gain the weight overnight so I shouldn’t think I can lose it overnight.
Pounds creep. Here I am at Day 17 and I’ve lost only four whole pounds, but I’m trying really hard to convince myself that it’s OK. I’ll try and stay motivated by reflecting on all of the times I’ve successfully lost weight before; knowing that every successful attempt had been a healthy one.
That’s what really really matters…Right?

2 thoughts on “Day 17 – Creeping Pounds

  1. It IS ok Kat.. get 4 1 lbs bags of whatever, lay them down, display them, look at them and think that that was the amount of yellowish fat that was under your skin only 17 days ago, but has now vanished.. Way to go Kat! Onto the next pound!

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